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Who's behind WorkingArtRoom? 

Olga Casademunt, MSc RSA, is the founder and director of KidsArtRoom TM, Estrella Art Gallery Charity and WorkingArtRoom TM. All three businesses originated from years of experience running an art tuition company specialized in teaching artistic techniques using creative and design thinking. KidsArtRoom teaches children and adults from all abilities how to improve the way they express themselves and most importantly how to find the confidence to use their own ‘voice’ for problem solving. When students start regular lessons their creativity shows new results, not only in their purely artistic assessments, but in their broader spectrum of schoolwork within their academic, personal and working life. 

Over many years of experience running Creative businesses and as an award-wining designer, portrait artist, marketer and advertising professional, she has seen many situations where staff felt ‘pigeon holed’ and were asked to demonstrate only a limited proportion of their thinking potential. Occasions where problem solving was a matter of a five-people-meeting, however  was only expected to be  a ‘one-man-solution’. At WorkingArtRoom we want to help empower your staff with confidence to create a constant flow of ideas that will foresee problems before they arrive at the meeting table. We will do that by opening their eyes to their own Creativity, and that way open the door to in-house product or service innovation. 

As a designer who has worked in many different fields, being one of them the world Innovation field with leading UK universities as well as in the Advertising world, Olga wants to offer business teams a wide range of techniques, as well as new paths to explore, break moulds and think with innovative problem-solving. 

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