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Bring Creativity to Work. Your business will benefit with new Ideas. 

How could I book the workshops? 

So you like what you saw so far? Brilliant! All you have to do to book WorkingArtRoom workshops is fill in to the form below these lines. We will get in touch to arrange a meeting as soon as possible to discuss your business needs and the best way to work around your team's workload. 

We like to personalise our workshops as much as possible to enhance success, so the more you tell us about what you're looking for, the greater the achievements for  your business.    

When could I book them? 

Mornings, lunchtimes or after work. Whenever works best for you, we'll be there. 

Sessions will be scheduled in lots of ten, on a weekly basis, to help your team absorb and experiment what we're teaching. From experience running art lessons  over the years, we all need a minimum of five lessons to see the real changes in our confidence. 

Taster lessons are also available. Pre-booking required.

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Thank you! 

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