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How should I book my lessons? 

Should you be interested in booking some lessons with WorkingArtRoom TM please fill in the form below these lines. We will arrange a meeting with you as soon as possible to discuss your needs. We like to personalise our lessons as much as possible to enhance changes of success for both parties. 

Alternatively please send us an email to the email address provided in this page. 

Ideally mornings or lunchtimes are the best time of the day for art lessons, however  should you need a different time please let us know as we'll be flexible to your needs. 

Sessions will be scheduled in lots of ten or five, on a weekly basis, to help your team absorb and experiment what we're teaching. From our own experience running art lessons over the least five years, it's only after five or ten lessons that students can really feel the benefit of their learning and begin to dare to explore new ways, as their creativity is boosted  and fabulous outcomes will show soon! 

Taster lessons are also available at short notice. 

If you think we can help you, please email us to -

Thank you! 

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