Bring Creativity to Team. Your Business will burst with Confidence. 

Talent Retention and Creative Training 

WorkingArtRoom TM provides Creative Thinking for business teams using specialised art workshops to boost employees' creativity, problem solving and innovation. 

Our long experience tells us that what we do encourages aspects of our day to day, often neglected amongst the best teams working long hours. We are confident that after only a few sessions you'll see your staff increase their use of creativity at work, boost their confidence and help them express themselves graphically with much more confidence. Even in front of others! 

According to recent academic research, the future of innovation in the corporate world lives within the idea of daily fostering of creativity using random thoughts and ideas, in a non-structured manner. This creates the perfect environment for creative thinking to shine. Your workplace culture can foster Creativity by empowering your staff with art lessons on a regular basis. This will most definitely improve your staff's  creative mindset - whatever the industry  you're focusing on.  

At WorkingARtRoom we know how to open the doors to a whole different you, team or group of teams were a a non-hierarchical environment unfolds without one realising. The magic is evident when colleagues interact in a way that will nurture trust. 

To employees’ eyes - the best workplace will be where ideas are rewarded, encouraged, listened to and celebrated frequently. Having someone's  trust to be able to  'think' and 'do', whilst always contributing to your business' problem solving can only be seen as an asset for well qualified candidates in all working environments.

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